Automatic Car Washes

Sauk City car wash

Sauk City Car Wash

770 Carolina Street
Sauk City, WI

Try one of our three touch-free, state-of-the-art Laser 4000 car washes. We have three automatic washes with dryers now to save you time on those busy days. These washes offer you four levels of wash to cover your needs. Our triple coat wash will leave a great shine on your vehicle, and we have also added an extreme wash to help clean the bugs in the summer and ice and snow in the winter. Plus, you can treat you car with Rain-X protectant.

Two self-service bays, and five powerful vacuum cleaners are available.

Automatic washes will accept cash, credit cards, token notes, or pre-purchased tickets that use a code number good for one wash for up to 30 days. Token notes are pre-purchased and work like cash with no expiration date, or you can set up your own pre-determined number and pre-buy as many as you would like. The car wash is open 24 hours a day, except when severe winter conditions prohibit it.

Tickets and token notes can be purchased at:

  • Sauk Cenex® convenience store

NOTE: Codes and token notes bought at these locations only work at Sauk Cenex Car Wash.

 Prairie Cenex Car Wash


Prairie du Sac Car Wash

1300 Prairie Street
Prairie du Sac, WI

The location features a touch-free, state-of-the-art laser G5 car wash and vacuum cleaners. Try one of our 4 levels of wash to fit your needs.

Car wash codes can bought at the Prairie Cenex pumps, in the Prairie Cenex store, or you can use cash or credit card at the car wash entrance.

NOTE: Codes bought at Prairie Cenex only work at Prairie Cenex Car Wash.