With over 1,800 customers, we are the local choice for quality energy products. We supply commercial, residential, and agricultural customers with quality Cenex fuels, oils, propane, and lubricants. We offer competitive pricing and the reliability of a regional supply chain while maintaining the unfailing, trustworthy, and quality service of a local cooperative.

  • Propane Service

    Propane Service

    • Competitive pricing
    • Reliability of a regional supply chain
    • Locally dispatched trucks
    • Certified and trained delivery professionals
    • Regular scheduled deliveries
    • Electronically monitored propane tanks
    • Customer access to NeVO monitoring AP
    • Tank installation, service, and repair
    • Cylinder exchange


  • Bulk Petroleum

    Order or inquire about pricing: (608) 643-3301

    Bulk Petroleum

    Our dispatched trucks deliver quality Cenex gasoline, diesel fuel, home heating fuel, and quality Cenex and Mobil lubricants to cover all your needs.

    The Smart Site System - Tomorrow’s Fuel Today

    With the Smart Site system, you always have fuel when you need it. You only pay for the fuel you use based on delivery tickets, and you never have to place a fuel order. You will receive one bill from the coop each month, and your money is not tied up in fuel inventory that is just sitting in your tank.

    Smart Site Monitor

    The Smart Site system continuously monitors the fuel level in the storage tank, and it sends tank level readings to the controller via radio signals. The monitor is highly accurate and virtually maintenance free. When the fuel in your tank falls below a predetermined level, an order is automatically generated for delivery. GPS technology directs the delivery truck to your tank location.

    Deferred Billing Based on Metered Delivery Tickets

    Like electricity, it’s always there, and you only pay for the fuel you use.

    State Gas Tax Exemption

    Download the farmers state gas tax exemption form (PDF, 150.83 KB).

  • Lubricants & Oils

    Lubricants & Oils

    Consumers Cooperative supplies bulk lubricants and oils in the surrounding area. We offer our customers competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Consumes Cooperative distributes Cenex and Mobile lubricants and oils. We also offer a selection of gear lube, transmission fluid, DEF, a large selection of greases, and many more products to help you with all your needs.

    • Bulk distribution systems
    • Bulk delivery
    • Bulk DEF
    • Cenex and Mobile lubricants
    • Hydraulic fluids
    • Specialty lubricants
  • Safety

    Propane is widely recognized as a safe and clean fuel that is readily available. Safety is our top priority with our customers and employees. Most of the accidents involving propane are due to a lack of knowledge associated with propane. Consumers Cooperative has trained technicians who specialize in the safe handling of propane, and receive year-round training on new safety standards and regulations. We provide safety information so that you can be prepared in case of a propane emergency.

    Safety Date Sheets

    Cenex has a library of safety data sheets for viewing.