We are committed to preserving the legacy of cooperative ownership and passing it to the next generation. When you shop Consumers Cooperative, you are supporting a way of life in the Sauk Prairie. Join today to experience the benefits of owning your local cooperative.

  • What Is a Cooperative?

    What Is a Cooperative?

    A cooperative is a business that is owned and controlled by the members, and has the ability to adapt and invest in the interest of its members. Members earn an “equity” or ownership stake in the cooperative in proportion to their use of its services. This equity is redeemed when a member turns 69 years of age. Members also receive annual patronage refunds. Patronage refunds are price adjustments after a cooperative’s accounting period.

    Consumers Cooperative is proud to be a member of CHS Inc., a diversified energy, grains, and foods company committed to providing the essential resources that enrich lives around the world. A Fortune 100 company, CHS is owned by farmers, ranchers, and cooperatives, along with thousands of preferred stockholders across the United States.

  • Benefits


    All patrons or customers are eligible for patronage refunds and accrual of equity. Membership requires that a patron spend at least $500 dollars a year in qualified purchases at the cooperative. Membership allows a patron to participate in the governance of the cooperative.

    Transactions are tracked through an approved charge account, a local cooperative charge account, or a Cenex branded credit card. Please contact us today to inquire about how to become a cooperative member.